• 18th August
  • 18

Super Spartan and tough Mudder training

so the super Spartan is on September 24th and is a 8 miler and the tough Mudder is in the middle of November and that is a 12 miler a half marathon with obstacles ah!

I’ve sat all morning and modified my Hal Higdon’s schedule for both races starting today!

From today until the 24th of September I will be running from 2 miles - 7 miles. I won’t break the 8 mile mark before the race. I know, sounds insane but I will wing it due to the obstacles so I know I can do some walking to get to the 8 miles. Theres 4 more weeks for that schedule 15k that I’m using for the Spartan race so in there I’ll break into the 9 miles.
After that is done, I have to switch over to the half marathon training which I will have more then enough time. On the 8th week on there I’ll be running already 11.25 miles. So hopefully I can stick to both these schedules and not slack!

  • 17th August
  • 17

Cross fit…

training starts on the 29th! I am very excited! Going to work very hard because, I want to be a better athlete, the best I can be and second because I want to have that cross fit insane body that I work for! And of course so the obstacles races can be a breeze!

Btw,the warrior dash was EASY cake. Oh man.